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AMP modulok

AMP modulok - áttekintő

Powersoft AMP modulokPowersoft experience acquired in developing a complete line of Pro Audio Amplifiers for stand-alone use, has given the opportunity to utilize the same know-how and technology also to develop a separate line of various models of Pro Audio Module Amplifiers suitable to be used in a wide range of applications such as:

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Digimod Series

Premium Performances: Powersoft Class D technology used in DigiMod modules is a standard in the market for his quality, reliability, robustness and care for the detail. The fixed frequency design of the pulse width modulation guarantees maximum performances, high predictability and total immunity from intermodulation artifacts.

Scalability: plug an additional 2-channel amplifier (DigiMod 1000NPS) to extend the range of possible applications using 4 output channels, (both pairs bridgeable) to drive 3-way systems or high power 2-ways systems even at higher load impedances.

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Integrated Solutions

The DigiMod IS Series and the D-Cell IS are the true plug'n'play solutions for active loudspeakers. They are easy to fit in a number of different configurations, from sub-woofers to typical 2-way applications, like wedges, line arrays, studio monitors or satellites.

The IS Series is also particularly indicated for retro-fitting existing passive systems, thanks to its easiness of integration which saves time and money.

The Amp Modules available in IS versions are:

  • DigiMod 1000 IS
  • DigiMod 1500 IS
  • DigiMod 2000HV IS
  • D-Cell504 IS 2-Ch
  • D-Cell504 IS 4-Ch

All DigiMod IS and the D-Cell IS are fully supported into Powersoft Armonía™ Pro Audio Suite software to let users control and monitor audio systems based on your active loudspeakers giving access to parameters settings, preset handling, group information, still assuring OEM proprietary processing protection to avoid final user's errors or misuse.

D-Cell 504

Powersoft D-Cell 504Small and Lightweight 2/4-Channel High Power Amplifier Module

The D-Cell504 is an incredible mix of power and technology you wouldn't expect in such a small and lightweight amplifier: with 2x350W available at 4Ω, bridgeable to have 700W on a single 8Ω load with astonishing sound clarity, the D-Cell504 has already proven to be a wonderful solution for a very wider range of applications, from small-mid power professional loudspeakers to studio monitors, home cinema systems, musical instruments, powered mixers and even hi-fi applications.

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Powersoft IpalMod AMP modulThe IpalMod is the hardware/software platform provided by Powersoft and selected loudspeaker manufacturers to implement Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (IPAL) technology, a functional solution to overcome the limitations of traditional transducers thereby setting a new state of the art low frequency sound system.

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Powersoft dsp 4 internalDSP-4 is a 1 in/4 out advanced processing board specifically designed to provide powered products with all the features and processing power available on flagship KDSP Series rack amplifiers. It allows access to unique Armonìa functionalities such as LiveImpedance Measurement, TruePower Limiter, and Active DampingControl. Compatible with all DigiMod Series amp modules, the DSP-4 is ideal for any application with high processing and digital audio networking requirements, and represents the perfect "brain" for top-level multi-way systems and line arrays where complete control and premium performances are needed.

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Powersoft DSP-CThe DSP-C is a 2in/4out processing board compatible with all DigiMod Series amp modules and included in M Series DSP rack amplifiers, that enables you to tailor the behavior of the amplifier through a precise 24bit/48kHz AD/DA conversion and 26 bit processing, to perfectly fit any application.

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Powersoft ProNet 485The new ProNet485 is a small device, hardly larger than a network adapter, specifically designed to make any Powersoft DSP-equipped module Armonía compatible. It allows direct connection and communication between the DSP-equipped module and any PC running Windows operating systems and Armonía. Connection between the ProNet485 and the computer is done via an RJ45 to RS485 cable and an RS485-USB converter.

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